• Patsy Sweet – A sweet baker with an unpretentious personality who is prone to snooping.
  • Ashton Brooks – Patsy’s husband with a disagreeable personality and wandering eye.
  • April Hayward – Employee and friend of Patsy who loves dramatics on stage and off.
  • Bobbie Briggs – The hippie bread baker, who works for Patsy.
  • Judy Sweet – The overbearing mother, who is the town gossip.
  • John Sweet – The doting father. No one can say a bad thing about him!
  • Detective Grant Patterson – The investigator who investigates more than murder.
  • Precious – A tabby cat with an attitude, prone to sleeping seventeen hours a day.
  • The Town – Pastry lovers, tree huggers, fishermen, surfers, gossips, and seasonal tourists.
  • Victims – The poor souls who sacrifice their lives for the series.
  • Murderers – Those who eventually pay for their crimes.