Fictional Town

Mulberry Cove
Welcome to Mulberry Cove, Oregon, a fictional town somewhere on the coast of the Pacific Northwest.

It’s known for its picturesque cove, fishing boats, nearby rocky coastline, and a population of 4,924, which fluctuates as people move in, move out, or die.

On average, it gets 78 inches of rain per year, and there are many dark and stormy winter nights. If Mulberry is lucky, one-inch of snow in the winter will dust the sandy beach. In a good year, 156 sunny days occur.  The summer high is around 70 degrees.  Oh, and the threat that a tsunami could wipe out the entire town is ever-present.

In spite of its deathly reputation, tourists flock to the sleepy locale for rest and relaxation, and a sweet treat at Patsy’s Pastries.